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Tags: business
I am getting a new computer with Windows Media Center Edition 2005. (Should I change OS to XP?) On my old computer I ran Windows XP Pro. What is the best situation for developing web media, website developing and database programming?
A-be short and to the pointB-be answered within one weekC-add expression by using emotionsD-include your opinions of the message's topic
My base specs are:1 GB DDR2 SD-RAM64-bit Athlon X2 (dual core)40-60 GB HDD 5400 rpmA video card with at least 128 MB ram OR with 64 MB and allowing additional shared (for Vista Aero)DVD-R driveIntegrated wireless would be preferred. Weight isn't an issue, and the computer will usually be plugged in. Believe me, I have looked. The one I am currently leaning towards is the HP dv6000t. Any help would be appreciated!
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for a company's products and who "allegedly" will provide you with people in your downline? There are so many of these offers on the Internet, that it's almost scary to try any of them. Plus many will charge an additional monthly fee to give you a website, most of which probably will not be located near the top of anyone's search when put into the search engine. Isn't this an MLM or network marketing (same difference as an MLM) or even a pyramid type scheme? SO, I ask you experts and those with a keen sense of common sense, how real is this? Have you heard of anyone making money from the Internet under this sort of set up?
I bought a software movie making program from MUVEE through Amazon. I change computers often (husband's a tech). I keep trying the key and NO GO! I have emailed with no results... anyone have the same problem and solve it?Thanks, Susan