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just like to propose an idea
own a cleaning business, business is slow. want to contract out to bigger service that may be overworked or understaffed. how do I go about contracting myself out to other companies? Can i make good money doing this?
Starting a cleaning business and would like to be bonded, but don't know where I go for that. Any info would be helpful
I want to know if I need a carrier's lisence If I am going to do it only with my small car (privately owned)
I have discovered the need for a website, or agency that does not already exist that could greatly assist both private and business victims concerning false information given by a person who is either borrowing money, purchasing products or evading bill-collectors.
Can it be in start-up for example two or more years?
Some business publication broke the initial story of how Qwest was overstating its revenues using questionable agressive accounting practices. What was the magazine and when did they break the story?
How can I do it? Is something like selling computer software someplace else like in the hot heat with my company's logo with a few cheap programs compared to my supeior programs legal or will it give us a bad name? I need ideas, we are losing it.