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There is a cook-out for one of our projects in the back yard. I can easily say I'm helping out. LOL, professional sampler. There are a lot of other things inside that need attention but it's not all my responsibility but things I can finish faster and easier than the person who is responsible for them can. (Used to be my job.)Should I have fun or should I stay in the office? Such a dilemma.
our company is submitting an application to receive a grant and need letters of recommendations from our customers. Is there a format for this and can we suggest what information to include in the letter of recommendation?
i sold my home 6 years ago so they could buy this house and i put on a mother-in-law apartment. If the file bankrupts and sell i have no where to go. They will get an apartment. i cant afford one. Lesson learned,
I have three teenage daugthers they can never find clothes they like, catered to teenagers .
Do you think that the girls are too skinny? What type of models would you like to see (body types). Just tell me what you think.
The sale is an asset purchase and the purchaser is paying 50% of the fair market value of the assets.