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Under the heading of Homeland Security, AIG provides insurance coverage to organizations that might be at risk of a terrorist attack, including property terrorism insurance, cyber-attack insurance, kidnap.ransom and extortion insurance. There's also contaminated products insurance covering accidental contamination or malicious tampering.They also insure commercial banks and even other insurance companies.There's an extensive list of areas they cover here:​toryview#cnnSTCOther1But how can they insure against any of this if they can't even run their own business? Another ponzi scheme? Where would their money come from if there was a major terrorist attack or if there was huge bank failure?
You may answer in terms of industry or commerce, regional locations or spoken languages, cynically or humorously... think big. Please.All ideas have merit. Let go.
Goodbye, Cruel World
businesses, printing of worthless money: These are classic activities of organized crime. The question is: Have our tax-evading and corrupt public officials just moved these activities into government activities? Your thoughts on how the recent "rescue" plans match up with the fear and intimidation tactics of criminals and other criminal aspects of these rescue plans.
i am searching for a lender. i want to start a small business. p.s. what's the best cure for a common coldlolcan't get to sblusa
Small company - owner purchased John Deere lawn tractor and company paid for it along with wife's car payments and gas. Purchases items for company, is paid for them and then leases back to company.
I am a student in new york. For a marketing class we are assigned to develop a marketing plan for a product. I chose Electronic Health Records and am asking if there are any good sample marketing plans for EHRs which I can use as a reference. Thanks

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