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I need some cool names to consider for the name
I have trouble eating vegetables and fruit they taste bad to me so going veggy only wouldn't work i can eat meat all day but that diet i know is unhealthy. What are some meals i can eat. I like meat, pastas and thats it really. If anyone knows of any recipies please send a link keep in mind I'm an awful cook and can only cook the basics like eggs, toast, angel hair pasta etc
Doctor Woot
This building has had no cracks to fix, the basement don't leak. Yes the windows that got broken was replaced. And some of the painting has been touched up. But from the bronze doors to the rotunda dome nothing has changed in over a hundred years. The concrete outside gets redone it seems every 5 years...LOL but it just amazes me. Yes I know the cost would be nuts but then so money was back then.​/Differnt%20angle%20of%20the%20front%20entrance%20you%20can%20almost​%20read%20the%20name.jpg
I would like to build a cutomized computer. Is it difficult? What would I need regarding hardware and software?
I need to find out before I waste money buying a wireless adaptor for my computer. And don't tell me to ask someone :-P
Hi, I have just sold my old PC and am currently after building one myself. I previously had a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my old PC which I have sold (I wiped the HDD before I sold it). Believe it or not it is a GENUINE copy of windows Vista which i purchased the day of its release (cost me about £400 lol). I'm worried that if I install my copy of Windows on a new PC that I build that it won't validate. I'm not sure what I should do to make sure it will validate. Any help would be great :)regards,Adam