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Joshua Cromer
What is your most constant and effective routine for staying in shape? I walk a lot and have recently started swimming again...what do you do?
A. More People Are Getting LazierB. More People Are Connected With TechnologyC. More People Are BoredD. More People Are Interested In Getting HealthyE. More People Are Interested In Political Aspects Of ItF. More People Are Curious About ChinaG. More People Are Interested In SportsH. OtherJust a few choices....
kids goofing around in livingroom - knocked over a plant - which hit a lamp - which clobbered into a "gemstone" globe received from inlaws at Christmas.They knew they were not to play in there - problem is they are not careful. Parents tend to think other kids should be watching theirs. They brought in hockey sticks etc. Now the globe is broken - cost $400 to replace.
where is ze with a youtube song when you need him????
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he has done it to me and i have learned to deal but now he does it to my kids he doesn't live in the same state which helps
2 children ages 7 and 8 are sleeping alone every night in a trailer and thier parents are sleeping in a van next to it. Are the children considered to "not be living under thier roof"?
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As global warming increases the melting of the polar ice caps, the sea mass of the world will also increases. The world is planning on average X-Bar sea levels increasing fo 22 feet (+- 5' about). At the Earth equator. As the Sea rise begins, the slowing the earths normal 86400 sec/rotation will begin.1) With a X-Bar, 22 foot Sea Level, What will be the Earth's new sec/rotational speed?2) What effects will this new Earth rotational Speed have on Land/Sea/Air environments?