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Qb Kate
Hey, ..I'm just a guy with a hammer and nail..But I see there is this thing called "stock margin requirement" (Reg T, c.1974) that says "investors" (LOL!) "must be able to put up at least 50% of the money for any stocks they purchase". Hah!!!!Are you kidding me?? ..Let's say some company needs money, ..and they can't get it from a bank, probably because the ongoing concern just doesn't look "viable", ..but they are allowed to sell stock shares (..raise "capital") from people who don't even have enough money to buy those shares, ..who can't actually put up the money that those companies are now going to go out and spend!!Wall Street calls that "leverage". How's Wall Street doing these days?
playing in the background to go with it. i was thinking jumper from third eye blind.what do you think?
the ingredients is what concerns me looking for a dog food that doesn't have the 5 d's in it
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My dog always grabs the toilet brush out of the bathroom(thank goodness I clean it thoroughly! lol) and hauls it all over the house and plays with it. I bought him his own yesterday. He loved it! All kinds of great dog toys and he wants the toilet brush!