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to unsubscribe click here but the link don't work like the word is in blue but it not click able how do i fix this
I am running windows xp and something happened to my computer have tried to set a restore point but i cannot. when i try to set a restore point there is only one date that i can restore it to and that is july 4 and that is the day that my computer crashed.
I was wondering if you know how I can get these things to reappear thank you
I've tried what I know, not used to windows 98, I use xp. This is his computer.
windows 98...I've tried to even move it, it won't go from top to bottom, only can make it wider.
I already have my java updated! How do I get rid of the icons without updating these two new ones? I don't need or want them. Thank you.
All I have did lately was add 1 gigabyte off memory to my computer, with 256 megabytes already in it, and I don't know if that is the cause to it cutting off the videos, or not. I tried Real Player, and VLC Player, and both do the same thing. I really don't want to re install Windows Vista -AGAIN- on this computer!