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Gemz Star!
Are you prepared for recession?
Cutey With A Booty
Is it better for a country to enrich the rich so that they will then benefit the middle class? Or is it better for a country to enrich the middle class so that they will then benefit the rich?Note that I am leaving out the poor, unfortunately, because I don't think there is a branch of economics which recommends enriching the poor, or am I wrong in that?
Or will it then be too late?Population...tick, tock... tick, tock...
so how are whirlpools formed? what happens if your close to one?
What do you think about this. The fellow who told me about it said it was delicious.
Has anyone made one with 2 crusts...and how did it turn out? Was it edible left over or did it get too mushy? thanks all.
sweet fun game can't finish it.tell me if there is any winnersi keep trying n trying and no lucktell me how you do itim stuck on level 8thankscopy n paste this linkits a good site its Dell Computershella fun game​55333941576
There is a picture of it here