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Doctor Woot
Q&A Cafe I think its called where I once spoke of my neighbor.
Is it just me or do others have probs. too?!This is what I get: There was an error posting. Please try again
We got a little help with the reporting of trolls and better response for hitting the abuse button this week. Since QnA is still in beta, what's your pet peeve that you'd like to see the development team or moderators improve on? After all, we are beta testing this product? What feedback would you like to give to make it better?I think the subject of cheating, ineffecutal pagination, and username duplication bother me most. Please give me your take.
I'm having trouble getting to the Windows Live Boards at I want to get to the QnA Cafe, but I can't unless the Live Boards page loads, but it either comes up that the page cannot be displayed, or get a page from the Live Boards saying that there was an error requesting the information. All of the other Windows Live pages seem to be working fine, the Boards is the only one that I can't get to.Here's the address to the
I have never been there. I am using IE7, everything else works fine, I have made sure nothing on my PC is blocking it.
Tags: boards
I always get an error on the page and it never loads. Tried it on a Vista computer and an XP.
Please go there now as this virus is making another trip around the emails of unsuspecting QnAers.Protect yourself by knowing what is going on!!!Here is the link!!! Message #3​sParam=HIPDelay%3d1%26PostID%3d19088073