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Please read before answering. I am tired of getting answers that are posted clearly considering that some of the information I put in my details isn't there.My BlueTooth and Razr phone were working fine this morning as well as the past two days (I started using my BlueTooth on Saturday), but then I ended up messing up the settings on my phone so much I had to do a Master Reset and a Master Clear to get the phone back in order. Now, I can get them to connect, but after a few seconds, my phone says that it disconnected from the BlueTooth, and I can't use my BlueTooth at all. The phone itself seems to be working fine otherwise.My BlueTooth is a Motorola H500 and my cell phone is a Razr V3c. What could be the problem?
There is no bluetooth devices icon available in Control Panel?But in device manager I can see bluetooth bus enumerator and dell wireless 355 bluetooth module already installed/available?Please suggesr the driver/files and links to resolve this issue???Thanks,
Can someone point me to a good Bluetooth stack that does not require SCMS-T enabled devices?I have an Iogear headset/stereo headphones that does not support scms-t, and my Toshiba bluetooth stack requires my device support that, so I cannot connect my stero headphones, only the mono headset (which sounds horrible and doesn't take advantage of A2DP).
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000. I tried installing the Dell Bluetooth Stack, but it gets stuck at 56%. Is there a solution, or do I have to install Microsoft's stack? If I do, how?
Deleting it doesn't work.Dragging it to the Recycle Bin does not work.I can't see it in the 'Customise Desktop' dialog box.Any other suggestions?
my emachine C6145 (something like that) has bluetooth capabilities, but i cant figure out how to use them if i want to bluetooth something from my laptop to my desktop. i can only use the bluetooth on my desktop by sending through the internet, not recieving w/o internet. im confused. help?
Tags: bluetooth
I've been wandering this as it doesn't seem to be finding me.I connected my BlueTooth headset to my Razr and selected Find Me. It displayed a message saying, "Discovarable 60 seconds". The BlueTooth icon on my phone flashed for 1 minute before becoming solid (solid means it's connected to the BlueTooth).If it matters for your answer, it's a Razr V3c on Cricket.
Tags: bluetooth
What is the deffrence beetwen Wireless laser mouse & wireless optical mouse & Wireless bluetooth mouse?
I can send picures from my laptop via Bluetooth by right-clicking on the picture in Windows Explorer, Send to, Bluetooth device, but that only lets me print one picture at a time (and I can't print directly from an application to my Bluetooth printer that way). When I try to install the printer under "Printers & Faxes", I click "Add Printer", Next, and then I select "A Bluetooth printer", but after a moment it says that no Bluetooth printers were found (although I can beam pics to it through Windows Explorer). Help! Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any help you can give :)
I just got a new bluetooth dongle for my laptop and I haven't configured it to use with anything yet but I'd like to be able to sync my Palm Life Drive but what else could I do with it?
i have a bluetooth gps receiver and i wanted to turn my laptop to a navigation system. will microsoft streets ant tips work? If not, what should i use?