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Looking for biological family members. All I have is a Birth Cirtificate, and all I know is there were eight siblings before me, and one after.Looking for help in the search department..\
girl collecting support from biological father for3-4 yrs currently, we have now seperated after 6 yrs, can she collect support from me too?
married because girl became pregnant/ no paternity test. boy was told he was the father/ divorce might happen/ paternity test may be persued/ If it is determined that the boy is not the biological father does he still have parental rights such a visitation etc.
Pierre Angello
He was a graduate of Gowanda High School in gowanda NY in or around 1984-1985. He is said to have relocated to Florida some time ago and will be around the age of 41 years old. Please Help.... Even just an email address!