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Statistics show that on average every American owes $17.000 even the new born. In poorer countries the figure is $7.000. In Europe the figure is $13.000. Why is the whole World in debts?
I am not very savvy about environmental issues like global warming but I do know there are things that we as a society should be concerned about for the future of the planet. What's important to you and how can we begin to fix it? Was the problem caused my ignorance of the implications, benign neglect, lack of concern by government until it was too big to overlook or what?
inspired to loose a few pounds, I heard that protien is any thing thAT had a mother, what a carb and whats a starch and how many of each do I need daily on a 1600 calorie diet.. tired of paying for things on the market that don't work gonna try on my own...
ham, protein bars, cheese, eggs, protein shakes...)? I'm thinking I get most my protein from chicken... you?