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emission of greenhouse gases or the improper dumping of non biodegradable plastics
Hwy Johnny/tornadokidf5
is it true that doctors kill more then guns in the world????? aparintly so.... perscribed the wrong thing?.... allergic reaction? ... possibly death... there's 152.6% or more chance of some one dieing from a doctor rather than a gun!!!! wow right? lol
ok here's the deal...the guy i like broke up with his gf yesterday. he sent me a text that said that and i said im sorry and he said its ok, oh well.then last night he wanted me to hang out with him and then tonight. i didn't last night and he really wants me to hang out with him tonight. what do i do?
its a compaq presario made for windows 98 with an intel pentium processor and 160MB RAM. however, its running windows xp pro. dont ask me why, its not my laptop. anyway, its got a 4 gig hard drive, which i think is a bit small. i plan on downgrading it to something other than xp pro, but no matter what you put on it, its still not a lot of space. i cant seem to find another hard drive for it online, which is why im asking this question. where can i get a bigger hard drive for it? follow the link below to see some pictures of the hard drive, the laptop and how it connects to the laptop so you guys know what im talking about.
i try formatting them, but they just end up looking like a fuzzy digital puzzle!!! help!!!
I know that the chart ges kilo, byte, megabyte, then gigabyte. But is there anything after that?
I get the message "size is a big as current settings allow". I had to wipe my hardrive, and I can NOT remember how I got the bigger window before.