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The democrats are blocking off shore drilling and the Republicans air blocking the clean energy bill.
it is so weird that we are all here - (it just boggles my mind!!)... it kind of seems like a freak accident... one that I enjoy of course but WOW!!
Doctor Woot
Can't eat the meat, nor the fish. The air is shot, and we are storing radioactive waste in a cave in the mountains. and lets not forget the oceans are rising, but oh no wait thats not global warming. Its sad what we leave our kids to clean up. But I will be long gone from this place when it blows up.
I bought some organic tomatoes the other day at the supermarket, I noticed on the label that they're grown in Mexico. So I started wondering what do you think is better in the long run? ... eating organic produce that needs to be shipped a long distance to get to you? OR ... eating locally grown produce that's "in season" but is not organic?
One hour video on miniDV is around 13GB as AVI. Can I burn the AVI or WMA directly and watch on DVD player ?
I thought about buying the dvd version. Love the board game version and don't know if it would be the same. Is it?
I am very sad that Toshiba lost I thought HD-DVD was a way better format then Blu-ray Hi-Def! SONY SUCKS!
I'm LOOKing for the best DVD rental program. -LB