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Clint Eastwood
That is, what would one be guilty of if they used a date rape drug on someone or gave them alcohol to make them do something they would not normally do?
i had my dog neutered on friday and everything went well. but when i put the collar on him he is like all sad. but when i take it off to go outside he is fine! Is he just being a wierdo or should i be worried
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I have a server with a RAID-0 array. I need to test the behavior in a disaster scenario. My boss wants that I simulate the fail by mean a software or a task scheduled. My server is an IBM with ServeRAIDMy question is: It's possible to do this by mean a software, macro or task scheduled?
A book by Robert G. Owens called Organizational Behavior in Education Adaptive Leadership and School Reform Eighth Edition
A-GovernmentsB-Professional organizationsC-NetiquetteD-Cyber police
A-governmentsB-professional organizationsC-netiquetteD-cyber police