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Conversely, can anything that did have a definite beginning possibly NOT have an ending?
on the way? According to the bible, incest is wrong, so why didn't God punish these people? Are we all related? I mean, I don't see how we exist unless by incest, which means we are all illegitimate, born from sin. I wanna know everyone's views.
Are many reporters afraid the government will want to take over failing news papers ,and control what the news papers can print?
From Microsoft? (Our set of QNA Magnets) Mine are in my Desk Drawer, still in the original envelope. Do you still have yours and will you also keep them as a souvenir?
if I switch off my PC or does it abort that particular scanning session when I switch it back on? I need to go out and dont like to leave computer on.Hope I,ve explain my query correctly