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Jacki Robinson, the baseball player, was so young when he died. What was the cause of death?
A friend of mine is from Japan. She goes back in a few weeks. She said she's never been to a baseball game over there, but has always liked baseball. She played softball at our school this year and we all found she has talent, considering she's never played. She told me to come visit her sometime. I actually think I might in a few years. But for now I'll just communicate with her through mail, email and phone calls. anyways I was wondering how are the games over there. Instead of hotdogs do they sell sushi? Or instead of popcorn do they serve something else? Do they allow americans in their league or is it just Japanese? I don't know. It would be very interesting to know though. Anyone that knows anything it would be very appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
Barry Bondswas charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, theculmination of a four-year federal probe into whether he lied ...
Such as: Getting to first base while on a date. Or "I got a petey" in reference to an abrasion from sliding into a base.
Doctor Woot
If these charges stick, what do we tell our children, grandchildren. That it is ok to cheat, go ahead and make the big money. You don't need to have honor to play just a good curve ball.
I hit a foul which hit a fowl!!!! Now the fowl is out!!!