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I am looking for that recipe
the price of oil and gas is getting out of hand. We, the American people are bend over and taking in the butt, dry and hard, by the greedy oil companies and not doing anything about it. Our politicians don't care, they are too bust lining their pockets. Hopefully someday America will wake up and fight back before we start paying 7 to 10 dollars a gallon for gas. By that time, I'm buying a horse and buggy...
Gas in our area is at $3.38/gallon. What is it where you are? For those who understand oil, gas, and the reasoning on prices, can you answer the 1st part of this question for me?
now, an all time record. Before the occupation it was a low $15 a barrel. Iraq lays in ruins, thousands of bridges and other infrastructures in US need of urgent repairs, so where is the money going?
$262 a barrel (CNN Money) reported.​ndex.htm ..Oil price history a log log scale, a $500+ a barrel could happen in year 2042.
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