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I know you can buy marinades at the supermarket that are pre-made but I find many of these sauces and dressings to be salty and not that flavorful. Do you have any tips or tricks for a quick and easy marinade that you like to make for yourself at home that would be good to use in grilling a steak on the BBQ?
I've done all the searching I can think of online. Anybody know where I can get one of these barbeque rotisserie contraptions?Thanks, Carol
The Mommy
asking for them and I don't have a clue do you make and shred a pork roast and add bbq sauce or is there an actual pulled pork recipe? Thanks for your help.
Do you know? When you make them at home (if you make them at home) which are you making--beef or pork?
I was confused for a while about this one, and have posted related questions here, trying to sort it out. It finally sunk in, that here, we do not say "barbeque" to mean cooking out. We "grill". To barbeque here means to drench something in barbeque sauce and then to possibly grill it, or not... Now I wonder if there are other expressions meant to convey the same??