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A-payment to the creditorsB-discharge of the bankrupt C-payment to the trusteeD-discharge of the trustee
i went to comp. school 16 years ago and although the loan was 5,000.00, and i have repaid over 12,000.00,because of late fees, now it is back up to 18, i still liable for this loan even though a judge signed off on it?
Cn I lease a car after bankruptcy if I have a co-signer with excellent credit?
my husband owns a building thru a sub s corp. will that be affected?
I need to find out as much information about this company as possible. They were taking orders that they were unable to fulfill and my husband and i are still trying to get our money back. If any one can help I would really appreciate it.
should bailout Chrysler? They say the pay out will be 30 million dollars.I say no bailouts for anyone but certainly not a company that is willing to pay bonuses as they go under.