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A-the debtor lawyerB-the bankruptcy trusteeC-the unsecured creditors
A-alwaysB-neverC-sometimes,depending on the assessment of the situation by the trusteeD-only in a voluntary bankruptcy
Thessalonius Ii
As an attorney the possibilities have me going dizzy. I can only say that when MI declared it a long time ago, they failed to learn their lesson. Bad scenarios could be such that home prices would plummet, but, they already have hit a perceivable bottom., How much lower could they go? It could make future bond issuances extremely difficult to accomplish. Their rating, however, is the worst in the country, so could such help that?Please, don't take this as an insult against the state, I lived off of Edwards Air Force base for two years and do actually love much about the place. However, the past bankruptcies of Vallejo and Orange Co. are cases in point and to the rest of the country, which is of course experiencing its own problems, really doesn't want to carry the bag for Sacramento's idiocy.
Somebody suggested this on the news. Going bankrupt may help remove the unions from the automotive industries. Is this true?
Do you feel that big business in this country is targeted by the recent product inferiority issues?