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I'd like to get an overall neutal PH in say, a 12 oz Mountain Dew or 16 oz Low Carb Monster. How many Rolaids or Tums tablets would this take?
My son is 7 and I have him about 50% of the time, the other time he is with his father. Now I am engaged to hopefully soon to be my sons step father, we've been together for 3 years now. This is my only child and I can't have anymore. Because I do only have him half the time I do like to spend time with him. Now my fiance and I do live together and also work together, but my fiance has a problem with me spending too much time with my son. My fiance says I don't give him the attention he needs. See he doesn't have kids. So maybe he doesn't understand how precious my time is with my son. See I love my fiance, really, but I know my son will move on someday and I will not have these special times with him like I do now. My fiance and I do talk about this but it doesn't seem to get anywhere and I'm certainly not about to push my son away just to make my fiance happy. any advice?
Example the car sold for 4000 but I owed 8000. Do I have to pay the 4000 due since It has already damaged my credit rating?
am planing on gettingthem balance in 15 days (next pay check)) just want to know?? will theyget mest up accourse i dont drive over 65 4 right now