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As with Vista's RC1, will Seven's be available on DVD rather than having to download?
As the women, to contaminated, with divorce and/or children?Is this so? Do you agree to such ludicrous thoughts?
I need to know if reward seating is available for the above dates as further plans need to be made one travel dates are confirmed. Do we need to make connections with another airline or does United fly into Fairbanks?
I have a Razr V3c. When I got it, I was able to set my default ring style doing the following:1. Press Menu2. Go to Extras or press 9 (shortcut key for Extras)3. Go to Settings or press 3 (shortcut key for Settings)4. Go to Ring Style5. Go to Loud Detail6. Scroll to the default ring style and set it from thereNow, the option in my Loud Details for the default ring style is no longer there. It vanished! Poof! How can I get it back when it was originally there?
Mike Winn
Will the new Windows Vista (Home Premium & Ultimate) be available on x64 versions so i can install it on my AMD Athlon64 4000+ laptop?Just want to know if Vista will also come in 64-bit.