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I can find GM Weatherpack connectors with no problem, but Ford seems to be impossible!
chopping the top on our truck and i will need to cut the stock curved windshield...nobody seems to know how although i've seen them on cars....
Why doesn't ARCO gas stations get shown on these Gas Price lists? Something wrong with them? ARCO is mostly the cheapest
This shop would deal only in the restoration of vintage street rod's / hot rod's and muscle car's up to the year of 1974, as well as custom building and fabrication of vintage era street rod's incorperating modern powerplant's and driveline's so as even in today's market most anyone could purchase and operate the auto on a daily basis, and setting up a small school to teach the younger people the true craft's that were actually involved in building a street rod/hot rod from to men that not only lived in that era but built, repaired, drove and even raced back in those day's.
Somebody suggested this on the news. Going bankrupt may help remove the unions from the automotive industries. Is this true?
A job posting stated that the potential new hire must prove CSI performance. Never hear the terminology before, need to know what it stands for.
gimme a few other engineering schools other than M.I.T also..please