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i have a siren (SS30 Universal siren, 30-W-80HM, 6-12 volt dc dual tone)it has 3 wires, red, white and yellow, marked:yellow/steadywhite/commonred/yelphow to connect it to the car's elect system and which wires go where?
How long did it take? Who went with you? Would you do it again?I'm asking because my hubby wants to drive to Seattle from New York City this summer with the six youngest children. I'm game but I don't know how the kids will hold up. The longest trip we did was about 20 hrs and we made a couple of long stops.
I've always loved the old school muscle, GTO, Cuda, Camero, Nova, etc... However, Corvette's are my all time favorite!
America? The problem is bigger then a few dollars! Is this industry problems management only? ECONOMY BASE? OR UAW DEVELOPS? OR COULD IT BE ALL OF THEM AND MORE? American big three has a $75.00 labor cost per hour to build a vehicle and a $1500 cost per vehicle to provide benefits to the retired employees. The other American base automobile manufactures have a $40 to $47.50 per hourly cost to produce a vehicle and it retirement commitments is far less then $1500 per vehicle. Now UAW has made some concessions to the BIG THREE but they do not take effect completely until 2011. It takes more hours for the Big Three to produce a vehicle then other American Car Companies; it has gotten closer only because the BIG THREE have taken advantage of buyouts of high-seniority union workers. Should our government take taxes dollars to prop up the automobile industry and the unions or let the cards fall where they may? American BIG THREE does lag behind on smaller auto production a management mistake
My sister rented a car from Hertz and was told - 3 mos later - that the car was damaged from "water in the tank" When she indicated that this was not probable and why they waited three months to notify her, and any records of who might have leased the auto during the 3 mos laspe, they refused to provide any into.
Politics Junkie
Fuel this, crank this, carburetor that, tow bar adjustment's, 1953 chevy banger, Ford BMW , Mercedes benz, corvette! I mean c'mon own up!
The automobile mechanic said that I need four new Struts.