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If you have to rinse your dishes before you use the thing-what good is it?
I keep seeing it advertised. It sounds good, but.....well, let's just say I've bought a few things from TV ads and gotten "stung."Automatic Trash Compactor....a garbage can you sat on.Potato Peeler gloves...the biggest messiest product in the history of mankind.
Old Guy
Windows briefcase only works half the time, usually I get file in use messages... or i can't get an office product to save a new file in the briefcase for some reason. ideally I would like to find a program that automatically syncs when the laptop gets into range of my wireless network.thanks
Lets say I have to delete all the network shares found on the network/workgroup because we are making changes of computer names and so on, how would I make winXP rescan eveything after I delete all the bad network shares found on the network.Is there like a command I can run, because I don't want to readd all the shares to each computer manualy if I don't need to?
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for a company's products and who "allegedly" will provide you with people in your downline? There are so many of these offers on the Internet, that it's almost scary to try any of them. Plus many will charge an additional monthly fee to give you a website, most of which probably will not be located near the top of anyone's search when put into the search engine. Isn't this an MLM or network marketing (same difference as an MLM) or even a pyramid type scheme? SO, I ask you experts and those with a keen sense of common sense, how real is this? Have you heard of anyone making money from the Internet under this sort of set up?
if I switch off my PC or does it abort that particular scanning session when I switch it back on? I need to go out and dont like to leave computer on.Hope I,ve explain my query correctly
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