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Everytime my friend receives and e-mail from someone w/a MAC, it comes as an can she tell this person how to send it as a non-attachment?
I think I have come a long way in computerese; BUT I can't seem to do this one thing. I have sent this a couple of times and it arrives there blank. I'm getting somewhat desperate. Please help me if you can.
program associated with it for performing this action (opening the attachment). Create an association in the Folder Options control panel. What, where is this?
As soon as I hit download on hotmail/msn attachment, the tab in IE7.0 closes with message that there is a connection problen when there is not (run diagnostic test). Please help.
I temporarily disabled my virus protection but still can't open it. Wht doesn't windows live just give me the warning and the ability to choose continue downloading or not?
El Chispa
I opened the attachment and worked (a lot) in it, saving, but not noticing i was only saving to temp. I closed doc and can't retrieve (since it was saved it didn't flag me) -- temp file was very temp. Is it gone forever? Or is there some holding bin I'm missing on hotmail? (basic free version)
I'm not an expert on computers, but I know it's possible to attach a keylogger to another file, such as a picture or word document, and save it on CD or send it through email.
The use is for a 3min sample interview (talking heads) for radio talk shows.