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Can you imagine sitting there? I can't.
I am a student in new york. For a marketing class we are assigned to develop a marketing plan for a product. I chose Electronic Health Records and am asking if there are any good sample marketing plans for EHRs which I can use as a reference. Thanks
i need to know what are the names of the migration rule information files? and what is migrated without modifing the default settings and what wild cards can be used in the configuration files?
I am doing an assignment on may types of spreadsheet programs. One of those is Quattro Pro. I need to know several things.
While working undercover for the DEA, Dept of Justice, back in 2002. Ms. Whitaker was shot when entering a drug sting. Her partner Agent Landgraf was struck in the back of the head rendering her disabled from backing up her partner. Thou being shot Agent Whitaker, apprended the drug dealer and 10 pounds of herion was seized.While in California the DEA released a statement.AP News Wire
How does business implications evaluate public relations in campaigns?