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What clothes, not MAkeup would suit the fans of metalTell for each type of metal please, and add in pictures tooWhat about hairstyles again? Can any hairstyle, being small, yet match the METAL outfit?And what for Only HARD ROCK fans?What dress/clothes should they wear?And Would it be possible to make one look SATANIST but not offensive, funny, or Extraordinary, so none wold stare?And what for the girl?Tell clothes for the girl too Plus MAKEUPPS We live in ASIA , we re pretty far behind And Not all brands are availaible here. so do be CLEAR not commercial :-D
My spouse passed away peacefully in his sleep. The coroner ruled it was death by natural causes. (Whew!) Now that he has been cremated, and is safely in a beautiful -- but decidedly masculine -- urn, the rest of us are trying to get on with life. I just wonder how long is long enough.(You can probably come up with more interesting and maybe even FUN answers if you pretend like you believe this to be true. But don't really believe it, Okay?)
The age requirement in my house for my three kids is 16....I have not, and will not alter that for anything....even it's a parent-chaperoned "date"....I think any younger than 16 is too young...what is your take on that?
How often do YOU eat fried food?
Mary Potts
In our legal system in NJ if a juvenile does not appear for their designated court date a warrant is issued for their arrest. That juvenile, (although unable to drive), is taken into police custody and placed in a juvenile detention center until a court hearing is held. Is this fair? Should the parents be held just as responsible as the child?
A-Personal injuryB-Real estate salesC-Uncontested divorcesD-Will drafting
A-Estate planningB-Child-suport calculationsC-Calculating litigation damagesD-Preparing real estate closing documents
A-estate planning.B-child-support calculations.C-calculating litigation damages.D-preparing real estate closing documents.
I need to find a program that will allow me to do thefollowing: 1. Add a column of numbers, with the result calculated in another cell. 2. Calculate in one cell how many times in the entire document a certain phrase appears.3. Add together all figures that are to the right of a certain phrase, with the calculation in another cell. If there is such a program, or if Microsoft Excel will allow me to do that, I need to know. Thank you.
I don't know how to do all these computer things! I need help and i installed to first sims but i just don't know how to copy files into a folder for it?HELP!!!!please!