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MS Installer opens up on my system (Windows XP) every time I try to open any application. I have looked it up on the MS Help support website and tried the various fixes they suggest, but it hasn't helped. Anything else I can do/try without completely reinstalling Windows? Thanks...
I went to install the santa e-card thing and now i can't remove it!! It opens everytime i turn on my computer. Anyone knows how to remove the irritating program?? Pls help!!
I am looking for a credit card terminal that is easy to integrate into a .NET POS system with the least amount of headaches. Terminal can be hardware or software based, but it must have the ability to be connected to a PC and controlled via a .NET software application.
My application was in October of 2006. I have triedto get information locally to no avail; I have also beenin touch with the 800 number, to ask the samequestions, but with no results. I am not working nowand have not worked for4 months. My funds aregetting low, and I am getting quite discouraged. Isit possible for you to enlighten me on the above.Thank you and Happy New Year....Sara Bodnoff
The two RDBMS I'm currently reviewing are PostgreSQL and MySQL.The application will be written for Windows... 32 and 64 bit.
I am a Windows user and I am confused as to why there are inconsistencies in the treatment of this situation. If all of a program's windows are closed, Windows exits the program, but Mac OS leaves the program in memory.
I can't seem to find out where I can download this plug-in... I can't view videos online. When I search for the plugin it says it can't find it, and lists ,to my knowledge, the name of the plugin.."Application/x-mplayer-2