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I am thinking in terms of people actually being motivated to find a way for the US to not be so dependent or foreign oil, the implementation of more methanol, the fact that farmers now have a product to make money with,and other things like that. Anyone care to point something out? I'm not interested in hearing about how freedom is better for the Iraqi people or other debatable topics.
This week I herd that one night there was supposed to be a planet show and big one night but I dont know when
i have a dvd that has a pretty bad scratch going all around it. isthere anything i can use to remove the scratch? because every time iwatch it, theres a scene where the entire dvd and whatever is playingit freezes up. its a dvd i like to watch quite a lot and the scenethat's messed up is a good scene. is there anything i can use to removeit? keep in mind, its not a smudge or something that can be removedwith a cleaner because ive tried. this is a fairly deep scratch on thesurface of the dvd.
Stressed College Student
he's been off it now 5 Days and he keeps telling me he can't breath. or move
different methods? different drugs for lethal injections? Abolishing it completely?
barking barking barking. It's kind of scary. Is there anything I can do different, other than avoiding the street - and going the super long way?
I have a german shepherd/husky & she knows, sit, lay-down, paw (rotating), roll-over, hide, get you're leash, come, up, speak (I hate that one, never do it) & heal. She's funny when she heals while I'm just standing, she'll run to me and do a jumping spin & land flat on her butt right beside me, then arches her neck back completely to stare at me. I don't make her do tricks often unless they are helpful to her, like come, sit or heal but it's fun to teach her because she catches on to new ones in one session & usually takes her under 10 minutes to learn something new. Just wondering what unique things you might do for some ideas.