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Jims Best Angle
The vast majority of people pay there bills and their mortgages on time or pretty close to on time every month, year in, year out.Should we just stop paying, and when the bank calls tell the person on the other end "I made my payment last April 16th to the IRS. Ask the Feds for your payment. Do not call me again"Why should we (the responsible people) be paying twice?
We have just finished the second of only two jobs this year. Luckily, they were big jobs because we don't know when there will be another. Anyone in construction doing much better?
(is my question a pun?)i hate change and usually shove it in a jar. I try to use my cards when ever possible just so I don't have to deal with change. now there's a new dollar coin, i thought we were trying to phase out coins.
Signed a contract with WMI in 2001. It continues to auto renew and the rates keep going up. I can't afford to keep paying and have been told by sales rep that I either have to pay the 6 month buyout or wait until the next cancellation date which is in two years. The contract self renews in three year increments. Also have a friend who bought a business and WMI is insisting that they are liable for the previous owner's contract . What a rip-off!!!!!!! Any help would be truly appreciated..........
Looks like we may be in it for the long haul as far as these gas prices going up. Someone said it is better to fill up early in the morning as the liquid isn't heated up and expanded as much, so you get more in your tank. Don't know if it is really true though. Anyone have any good ideas?
Bud 28
socialism is responsible for our subprime financial meltdown. Our vote pandering, redistribute the wealth,liberal, socialistic Congress has crippled Fannie and Freddie and stopped effective financial oversight.McCain should have his hands slapped for "reaching across the isle" to these socialists.
How do you dipict over employment/labour shortages on the IS-LM curve?[endif] [endif]