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wondered WHAT IF NOBODY PAYS THEM BACK (or are unable to)?? ....hahahahaha........economics gone mad.
I'm looking for cities that don't have an sort of natural physical beauty, no rivers, trees, mountains anything that might make a city geographically or physically pretty. I don't care about the architecture or anything else, just the natural beauty... or more accurately, the lack there of.
Because of a divorce, I have to give up 2 of my 3 shitzus which can go together or separate. I am giving them away for free. I love in Topsham, Maine and desperately need homes for my babies as my husband is forcing the sale of our home.......
how to treatwhat should I expectpreventionlife cycle
There has been a rash of missing white dogs in my neighborhood over the past two months ... two of them were mine. Someone told me once that white dogs are angles and if you find one that you have a life long guardian. Anybody else ever hear this?