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Clueless In Chicago
I am an active user in the Yahoo! Answers Dog Section, but was wondering which of these QnA services came first. Thanks.Mutt
i sound really shallow right now. like seriously. but i need to write down my thoughts somewhere. so if you don't like it, deal with it ok?i have a friend. she says the guy i like likes me back because the guy i like best friend is on my friends bus. confusing i know. but i don't really believe my friend. this is what happens to make me not believe her: when he's by friends gives me VERY weird looks. and moves away. but not by anyone else looks at me and smiles. weird. so yea...that's it. I'm confused. what is going to happen?
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Amazing Guy
There is something about an element of anonymity that allows some people to open up more. But friendships form so very easily here and I wonder, after becoming less anonymous have you started to sensor your answers more than you first did? I find that there are certain groups of users here that I have grown very comfortable with so I actually am less inhibited than when I first arrived. But I will admit, I sometimes read my answers after they are posted and I think to myself... Geeesh, maybe you should not have been SO honest! lol So how has it affected you? More open or less open with your answers?
If I had posted that same answer, do you think it would have been pulled down? Do you think we judge people by past posts and look harder to understand what they are trying to say? Does our QnA reputation play a part in others reporting us? I hope this makes sense.QnA users often OFTEN complain about okay content being you think some of us judge by "past performance" rather than stopping to get a clear understanding of what someone is saying?
Out of sheer boredom I just went back 62 pages & to 2007, It seems pointless that we can't get rid of some of these oldies.