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this one should be answered by a female i think... what does it mean when a girl tells you she loves you but shes not "in love" with you?
A question was removed earlier ( about suicide) I answered and later when I went to look for comments it was gone. I never keep track of my points, so I don't know if I lost any. I've thought about this before but never asked. I couldn't see why the question was offensive but do they let you know why they would remove a question if you were the one to ask? Ok I got 2 questions here
Just about everyone claims to see the necessity of "reaching across the aisle." Where are you all?Is the fact that this question only received 6 answers, and I might even add from pretty moderate and liberal people only, proof that they are just empty words. The same empty word we accuse our elected officials of spouting?
Have you seen a question that you had a natural curiosity about and looked so you would know the answer as well?
Mtn? G?l N?rma
or Thursday night that this ends? And will a person still be able to pull up the site to look at what last questions and answers when it does? If anyone knows, would you tell me please?