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Bush, Bernanke, Gates, etc. can't seem to find a word for it. The market value of our dollar has plunged so low as to trigger another Land Rush, (like the one held in Oklahoma two centuries ago). The price of gas is approaching $5.00 per gallon, dairy products and as most food staples in our diet are out of control. What is going on?
I am a major international corporation with a literary-inspired name and logo. The tie between novel and store makes a colorful story, may be apocryphal. My name is shared by a cost-conscious male ship?s officer. My products are ironically high-priced indulgences. My logo is a potentially dangerous woman, often a symbol of bad luck, but she smiles for me. She posed no danger for my eponym, who faced a much larger, paler threat and perished in the fight.
the name henry. It was around the time 1820 and I can't seem to find anyone that fits the description, oh and henry supported the economic system. She could be wrong about the name, so help!
In 2005, the EIT was originally proposed as a real, brick-and-mortar university that has research, classes and grants degrees. But then the EU countries began squabbling over which country would get it. Then in 2006 it was changed to a 2.5 billion euro virtual network of researchers all over the continent. Then it became a small number of real university campuses. Now, finally, since member countries are reluctant to cough up the money, the proposal is for a 300 million euro set of research centers on just a few areas of science, that do not even offer classes or degrees. Is this project doomed (I mean, it's become so different from the original proposal, what's the point now--the EU already funds science...)? Does it show that the EU is not such a "U"? Do you know something about it I don't know?
Retts, Michelle, Mission Jesus or JackiePlease let me know who you think provided the best answer to the question and why. The link to the question is below. When you click on the link to view the question below please also vote for the person you think gave the best answer.​7805
If a barrel of oil costs $120, why not simply charge $240 for a bushel of exported wheat? They raise the price, wheat triples in price. Fair? Or let them eat sand?
this is for a school powerpoint project.. so i need to find all kinds of drugs (yeah this sounds really inconspicuous....) any who, i need some drug names what they do and side effects, the whole jazz or whatever kind of slang they had back then.... (no i don't need slang terms!!1)thank you for your answerspeace out!
I bought a pair on dog nail clippers to start cutting my own dogs nails. I finally decided to buy clippers...go through the fear... and save money by doing it myself. I have one dog who's nails do get white at the tips when they are too long. I cut her nails today. She yelped as if it was hurting her....she snarled at me too. The yelp & snarl weren't because of the procedure...she has always been very good at having her nails cut. I know if the nails get cut too close to the vain they will bleed. Can it still cause her pain...IE cutting into the equivalent of the quick without bleeding? I felt so bad! I didn't cut a lot off though.
Well I was thinking of my pass... Thought about all the friends I have lost and family members. Ed, Matt, Shrenia, Travis, Chirs, Matty, Both Grandma's, uncle Mike, Grate Grandma, who,, i know there is more.. but cant think of them at this time. How many people have you lost in your lifetime so far?
Recently, an old lady died, she had two dogs . Dogs had no food for several days. So, dogs eat a little bit of the old lady to survive. What happens to the dogs as a result of them eating the old lady? Are they put down or what?
is it true that doctors kill more then guns in the world????? aparintly so.... perscribed the wrong thing?.... allergic reaction? ... possibly death... there's 152.6% or more chance of some one dieing from a doctor rather than a gun!!!! wow right? lol