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Jims Best Angle
If the democrats are not getting what they want in the Financial Bailout, will Nancy Pelosi shutdown the House again. After all, it is a schedule vacation period just like when she shutdown the House during the energy debate. That seem to be an acceptable reason to her supports then, would it still be acceptable?
One Twisted Child
While we know that inflation is not directly controlled by the government whereas taxation is, the government does have a hand in shaping the determining factors which bring about it's rapid increases.Are the two interlinked?Do you believe an increase/decrease in taxation influences the rate of inflation in any tangible way?Is there any one entity that should bear the brunt of the blame for any increases in inflation?
First wall streetnow Im hearing Banks in EUROPE that are failing...its a domino effect.... Are we going into a 2nd great depression???? oh my gosh Thats a scary thought.
I have three xbox 360's atm and i was wondering if I could move the lense from the working drive to the broken one. The drives are toshiba samsung an hitatchi..?? help would be appreciated
Doctor Woot
Dont' tell me now I will need two dvd players. what about all my old movies, VHS, and regular DVD?
Aren't you just about DIEING right about now from all the hair?!?!?!?! I have (or have had in the past) Australian Shepherds, Afghan Hounds, Golden Retreivers, Flat Coated Retreivers, and tons of other dogs with long coats, and NOTHING compares to my two Akitas and my GSD that i have now. Their coats are so thick and the double coated-ness is killing me!!! I blow them out with the reverse setting on the vacuum a couple times while they are bolwing their coats, and we still have furballs big enough to make 3 other dogs! And of course i am always brushing, and plucking, and combing to get the hair out, and it just keeps coming!!!! If you fellow DCD owners have any tips, they're much appreciated. Leah and the fur beasts.