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I want a career in Computor Generated Imagery,What training or degree field should I employ to obtain this goal?
how can i turn a pivot animation that i made into a video that instead of wen i open it it will go into pivot to show it, i want it to go to media player or quicktime player or somthing utube supports
What are some software packages, if any, are used to make and animate games?What program languages should a beginner have a grasp of to work towards creating video based games?Any good books on the subject?
Tom Brown
I need a thing that will help me make my own video game here on the computer, but I don't want to use the simple flash animation. I want something that will let me create my own (semi-) full-length, in-depth video game, not some simple, short game like those you can find at Please help! It will be much appreciated!
i was bored so i took a bunch of pics and put 'em on my comp, but now i don't know what to do 'cause i never made one before.can anyone help?
Tags: animation