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Its my GF's bday and i want to take her somewehre nice but not too expensive. Dinner for TWO under 100 dollars. Any Ideas?
a friend to a urinealysis and tested + he requested a second test .the medical person was in the parking lot and didnt give him the spilt speceimen untill 3months later he had tested + for canabis but the acuall test that he has is + for cocaine what can he do.
And not an online school? Westwood college in both Los Angeles andAnaheim shows it on their site but they don't offer it any more.
i tried but it had like a million homes and it didnt have a detailed search engine to find what suites my needs :(
I'm purchasing my first "grown up" car and I want it to be sheek and classy. Any Recommendations?
anyone know of a facility willing to rent their kitchen out periodically........I do catering and am in desperate need of a kitchen.