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How come politicians/law makers will not financially bail out working class Americans when they fall upon hard times but will gladly use American tax payer dollars to spend billions to bail out large corporations that have financial down turns through their own incompetence?
Jims Best Angle
Hypothetically, what would happen.Since we all know BO's tax plan is nothing but hot air and the only one that matters is the one Congress sends to his desk for his signature. What do you think Obama will do, should he get a tax bill from the congress, that raise taxes not just on 5% of the population but raises it on 50%.What will BO do with this bill.1) Veto it because he promised to give 95% of American a tax break and he is a man of his word.2) Sign it because he has a long history of following the party line.What do you think he would do, the scenario is very possible.
How do Americans feel now that the Canadian dollar is higher than the American dollar?Do you believe that Canada and the USA should use the same currency or should we each continue to use our own individual currency?
On , below the search bar is the 3 most searched items on MSN live search for today, one of those items is "toys made in US". Do you think that Americas are going to be boycotting Chinese-made toys this Christmas, because of safety concerns?
burden and the other 25% is paid by 58% of Americans. And many of the 58% fall into the $250K amount Obama uses and many of the 58% are small business owners.
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united we stand divided we fall, since I was a kid I've seen fault in this... Shouldn't you stand up for and by the fallen ?
On Sept 11, nearly 3000 american were killed.Since then, about 10000000 Americans have died of other causes. do you think?
After all there are more Americans that die on the streets of this country each day than in any month in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. If they cared about American dying would that not being doing something out these deaths? This fact does not change even if you take those that died in car accidents out of the equation.