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Do you buy according to who (or where) manufactured a product, or by cost?
The value of the dollar is decreasing and things are getting expensive.... with the nation jacking up minimum wage and small businesses taking it in the you know what to have to pay more for keeping their help or closing down cause they can't afford to pay their employees. How does the value of the dollar dercrease and what can we do to help make it more valuable? It sounds like were going into a recession....
Budweiser was bought by a foreign company, and no longer American owned. Many people protested this buyout, and feel this is foreign takeover of America's economy... Do you agree or disagree?
i bought an american bulldog ,and some people i know keeps telling me it is a pitbull,what is the difference between the two
Chicago Lady
On CBS every week, pairs (owner and their dog) are competing for obedience, training, and other ordeals... each week the losers have to sleep in the "dog house" (literally) while the winning pair sleeps in the plush dog bone suite ... Each week one pair gets expelled from the Canine Academy.