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Blue Cafe
The US has enjoyed global hegemony, not because of its superior military strength but due to its economic prowess. Now that its tactics of demanding the world buy & sell oil in US Dollars is coming unstuck, & that it's deflating dollar, once working in its favor, is now discouraging foreign investment in bonds & stock, what will become of America? What will become of the world? Are we facing a global depression? Will Europe rise as the next world Empire?
How high do think gas prices have to go before America collapses?
When you start looking at foreign policy and why we feel the need to help some and ignore others, it starts to become more and more clear. The clarity shows that we are a bought out nation. We would like to call ourselves the most powerful nation in the world, but the truth of the matter is, we have masters. If we mess with our masters, they will just pull the rug from under us. That is, they will pull their money out of their investment that is the U.S.A. How does that make you feel?​ign_0504.html