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Jockamo, isn't it? What do you think?
Tags: amazing
save to put in my picture folder,How ? When I right click on the picture I want it does,nt give me the option to save as, I could probably print it then scan it back on to my computer but surely there's an easier way
???????? ????????? think of a word or a few words that have impacted you that you have read on your computer screen?
The Oracle
Apparently there is this cat at a nursing home that goes up to someone and cuddles to/with them. Within 4 hours that person far the cat is batting 25 out of 25....the nursing home likes it because it gives them time to notify relatives. Pretty amazing little Felix there.........
For a theatrical company looking to book a headliner for the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, are there rankings of what stars are best in terms of audience draw?
Thessalonius Ii
My buddy Andy just sold $2mil worth of precision gauging equipment. He is 26 and started his own company to sell locally made tooling and engineering equipment (New England) when he was 21 to help him pay for school, as a weekend job. What really blows my mind, he sold it to a CHINESE COMPANY! Imagine that, he is such a good salesman that he got the import-unfriendly Chinese to buy American made tools. He's been through a lot and I could not be more proud.
Tags: amazing