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Will you go to other 'question and answer' website after this site is closed down? I think I'll use back - Yahoo! Answers - after this. I had used Yahoo! Answers before but I got kicked out of the site 3 times after violation of rules, so I use QnA beta after that and found it to be a great site. 1 feature that this site has and Yahoo! Answers don't have is: here you can seek opinions, there you can't. This is a great feature, I like it! But this site is going to be closed down. Sad... Why ???
I just found Techdirt but I want a more advanced blog. Can anybody help?Thanks!
My Live OneCare has expired and don't have it in the budget to renew it right now. I was wondering if there was a good alternative.
I made candy rocket fuel for my science fair project. I would like to know how I could improve that. it only went fifty-five feet in the air. i mixed sucrose and potassium nitrate
Solar power for calculators, heating, why not development as a alternate fuel source? Oh it'sFree , I Forgot.
Bellerina​nes/2008_tesla_roadster_car_newsThanks for answering,Ben