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Jims Best Angle
Legally do you know how much cash your are allowed to have in your possession at any given point in time in the United States?
Someone may need help what possible good comes from hiding it.
My upstairs neighbors have 2 small dogs that they keep inside at all times. That's right, these dogs go to the bathroom in the house. The only time these dogs have been out in the last 4 months (per my boyfriend-I am new to the neighborhood)was when they briefly escaped their prison (for about 5 minutes) two weeks ago. The dogs were a little dirty, but looked (from a distance) to be healthy. There is a social worker involved with the family who apparantly see nothing wrong with this. I have talked to one of the neighbors and he said he would get rid of all of the pets in the house (he and his gal just had a baby), but that was over a month ago. This neighbor also has violent tendencies, and I am sure that he will figure out that it was I who called the humane society.