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I saw a spray at Walgreen's that says two hits energizes a person...these energy drinks, of course, contain you think this is a good message to send?
Waterboarding is a torture technique that simulates drowning in a controlled environment. It consists of immobilizing an individual on his or her back, with the head inclined downward, and pouring water over the face to force the inhalation of water into the lungs. you pro-waterboarding or anti-waterboarding? Why?
Do you want to get married or would you rather stay single? Why or why not? :)
what segment of the population is prejudiced against skinny people?
Check out what some people are doing to disabled people in this article;​2877These are some real 'class acts' huh?(That's a pretty good website to get more acquainted with honor killings and other insufferable acts by the way)