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I have 2 has always been afraid of firewiorks. The other one is 4 years old. I have had her for 3 years. The first 2 years she wasn't afraid of thunder, fireworks, or anything like that. I moved to a new location a year ago January. Some days....gun shots can be heard from the shooting range that is way off in the distance. It scares the heck out of her. Then on New Years neighbor shot off fireworks and she was scared to death. Is it possible that the gun shots triggered something? I did adopt her...and I often wonder if maybe she witnessed her doggie siblings being shot. How sad!!
Are you afraid of all Pit Bulls?? Does your county allow your community to possess such breeds? Are you personally afraid because of the media coverage about such breeds or horror stories? Do you think there is hype about this breed? What do you think? Do animal breeders make the dog mean, or is it inbred in the species to attack? Are they vicious? I have a neighbor who constantly allows their Pit to run astray. He's sweet and comes to my door and yard to visit. I am personally afraid that eventually this sweet temperament, animal will become vicious. How do I overcome that, or is that based on my instinct, which I should listen to? Is there any reason to be fearful?
108th Penguin
My dog is. What do you do to calm them down?
Gangsta Pigeon
I was asked, by 18 other personalities if I was afraid of getting old and death. My answer. I don't worry about anything I don't have control over. I just try to live right and when it comes it will come. They couldn't understand that. I couldn't understand why they couldn't understand me.
Cahoon! Rose SongsThe Rose Lyrics - Bette Midler songSome say love, it is a riverThat drowns the tender reedSome say love, it is a razorThat leaves your soul to bleedSome say love, it is a hungerAn endless aching needI say love, it is a flowerAnd you, its only seedIt's the heart, afraid of breakingThat never learns to danceIt's the dream, afraid of wakingThat never takes the chanceIt's the one who won't be takenWho cannot seem to giveAnd the soul, afraid of dyingThat never learns to liveWhen the night has been too lonelyAnd the road has been too longAnd you think that love is only for the lucky and the strongJust remember in the winterFar beneath the bitter snowLies the seedThat with the sun's love, in the springBecomes the rose
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