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Okay, Okay not funny, could you PLEASE consider alternative health solutions, and visit your local herbalist if i'm going to be drinking your FDA drug toilet water? What Next?
It seems every single computer program that has been designed for our convenience is beginning to require a graduate degree in computer science just to read the simple, easy to follow instructions for the software that is so simple a child can use it. Perhaps that is what video games are training children for. "Simply press X ¦ X ? X O ?O ¦ O X ¦ RIGHT 1 LEFT 2 X ?X? X. Then hold X ? ¦ O R1 and R2 along with L1 and L2. The character will punch with his left fist." Do we really have to memorize complicated procedures to perform the simplest tasks? Is that what computers have come to? Do we need a degree in computer science to use the simplest programs?
I would like it to be under a dollars if possible. I'm looking for a good qaulity tower and I also want to know if it will be compatible with the old parts that are still good.
Looking for a 3 cylinder disel engine that gets 100 MPG like Opal or other similar cars. trying to get the motor and trans to import to U.S. for my use only. Can you help me?