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Jim Rudoff
.​4.ecesomething not mentioned, the US exports a great deal of waste to China, one of the largest exports nowadays is paper, that's right, paper. The US used to export automobiles, now they export old newspapers. What are they going to do with it if China doesn't buy it?Another point, imagine the economies of Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia. Weaker economies equals more devastation?Could this become as bad as the millions dead from starvation after Mao's cultural revolution?It truly is a global economy after all, does it still sound like such a great idea?
how will it affect? pls give me website url also. thks a lot.
Does removing the oil have a bad affect on the earth?
Tags: affect
how could the climate affect the growth of the population?
Where there is a demand, there will always be a supply. Drug busts do not stop the flow of drugs. Even though our Drug War is a complete total failure why do Drug Lords and Law Enforcement advocate keeping drugs illegal?